Resonator Dulcimer Day (Dulci-Bro)

A Day of Workshops and Community Resourcing and Support

for players and builders of dulci-bro / resonator dulcimers.

What:  An educational gathering to celebrate performers, instructors, players and builders of dulci-bro /resonator dulcimer.

When:  March 12, 2022  9 am to 7 pm CST

Where:  Here, using Zoom (log in in the top right corner and then click on the Workshop Page at the right end of the menu)

Here is a video describing how to access everything you need for the workshop:

This day will feature:

1.  (5) hour-long Workshops by respected Hawai'ian Steel player, Chris Kennison as well as the accomplished players Bing Futch & Steve Eulberg.

2.  A Builder's Roundtable featuring Don NeuhauserRichard Ash of Folkcraft instruments, Mike Clemmer of Wood-n-Strings, Ben Seymour of Kuduzpatch Productions and Bernd Krause will be hosted by Ashley Ernst of Dulcimer Players News.

3.  An Open Mic for all players

4.  A Closing Concert by the instructors.

5.  A digital copy of Steve Eulberg's Dulci-Bro: Method & Resources for Playing Resonator Dulcimer book/CD

6.  Archive videos of the day's workshops and events.



Erin Mae Lewis is here to help.

Festival Technical Support

" Technology is our friend!"

Erin Mae will be available throughout the day to provide technical support.


phone: (785)614-4061

Workshop Faculty

Bing Futch

2016 International Blues Challenge Finalist Winner - "Best Guitarist (Solo/Duo)" Award

"A master of the mountain dulcimer" - Connections Magazine

"Musical Tabasco!" - The Orlando Weekly

Chris Kennison

Respected and award-winning steel guitar player, Chris is active in promoting Hawaiian Steel guitar playing for the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association in Hawaii to help promote Hawaiian steel.

Steve Eulberg

"smile-inducing, toe-tapping folkgrass"

"like Jimmy Buffet in Appalachia"

“... a superb dulcimer player ... and a first rate composer.”—Neal Walters, Dulcimer Players News

What is a DulciBro?


Homer Ledford (pictured left) was the first to explore the idea of a resonator dulcimer.  The one he created is pictured right.—>


Dulci-Bro / Resonator Dulcimer Builder's Forum

Don Neuhauser

Mike Clemmer

Richard Ash

Ben Seymour

Bernd Krause

Interaction with Participants

This day is designed to be an interactive experience with a dedicated opportunity for players to interact with each other and share the music and styles they've been exploring on dulci-bro / resonator dulcimers.

Student Sharing / Open Mic

An opportunity for all players to share a tune and interact with each other.

Faculty Concert

To conclude the day we'll have each of the faculty share some tunes!

This will be on Zoom for Registered participants and live-streamed on the DulcimerCrossing Facebook Page with a tip jar for others interested.

Faculty Concert DulciBro Resonator Dulcimer Day